After-school Programs

The German Soccer Academy offers popular after-school programs for many schools throughout San Diego County for boys and girls, grades K through 5, for beginner and experienced players. The program offers an opportunity for children to learn and improve their soccer skills through fun, dynamic and challenging exercises and games. Your children will also learn more about team play and improve their interpersonal skills in a positive, social environment.

We also offer San Diego Sports Academy, a fun after-school sports program for boys and girls, K through 5th. Children will play a variety of sports: Soccer (of course!), Touch Football, Dodgeball, Handball, and sometimes Basketball, German Basketball (a variation of kickball & basketball) and Wiffleball. There will also be fun warm-ups including relay races, speed and agility ladders and "Steal the Bacon".

Albert Einstein Academy
German Soccer Academy

10-16 classes (120 minutes each)
Mondays & Fridays
3:00 to 5:00 PM
Albert Einstein Academy
San Diego Sports Academy

10-16 classes (120 minutes each)
12:45 to 3:00 PM
Fletcher Hills Elementary
Hearst Elementary
La Jolla Elementary
Language Academy
10 to 16 classes (120 minutes each)
1:00 to 3:00 PM
Lemon Avenue Elementary
Murdock Elementary
Murray Manor Elementary

If you would like the German Soccer Academy to bring it’s program to your school, please contact Craig Hyde at or by telephone at the phone number (619) 660-1713.


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To register for your particular after-school program, first contact Craig Hyde at or by telephone at the phone number (619) 660-1713 to reserve a space.

Then read, fill out and sign the liability release waiver/participation agreement form

and bring it along with your payment (cash or check) to the first class. If you bring cash, please put it in an envelope with your child's name on it.

Finally, review the important information and rain policy for the German Soccer Academy below.

Important information

    Parents, please have your child or children meet with the coach directly after school at either the lunch tables or directly at the playing field to check in. Please contact Craig Hyde if you are not sure where to meet. If a child needs to change clothes or go to the restroom, he or she should do that first but quickly so the other children don’t have to wait too long. The school and the German Soccer Academy are not responsible for getting your child to the appropriate area. If your child might forget, try to have his or her teacher help to remind him or her. If your child cannot attend a day, please inform us in advance if possible.
    All children should wear shin guards!
    Cleats are not necessary. Normal athletic shoes are recommended so that the children do not take too much time trying to get them on or need too much help getting them on. Also, it hurts less if other children get stepped on by normal shoes.
    Children should all bring plenty of drinking liquids, even if there is a drinking fountain, which leads to waiting in long lines. Don’t forget sunscreen on sunny days!
    We will plan to have a meeting regardless of the weather so parents can rely on us watching their children. If it really is raining and too wet to play, we will stay at the school and get shelter or a room, perhaps watch a soccer video or do a word search, until normal pick up time. The parents, if they are able to, can of course decide to pick up their children early if they think it is too wet to play but the GSA will not cancel the class.
  5. PICK UP
    Please remind your children to stay with the GSA coach until an authorized adult comes to pick them up, whereas they must tell a coach before being excused. GSA staff will make sure the children in the after-school program (ESS, YMCA, SAY, Open Minds, etc.) get there, either personally escorted by a coach or escorted by a designated, responsible older child. Craig Hyde reserves the right to charge $1 per minute for every minute after 10 minutes past the scheduled end of an after-school program or 30 minutes after the end of a soccer or sports camp or clinic.
    Please remind your children to be on their best behavior as well and that all school rules apply on the soccer field. The children must, above all, show respect for each other, the coaches and the property of the German Soccer Academy. Children must follow coaches instructions at all times to insure their own safety and the safety, well-being and happiness of the other children. We reserve the right to not allow a child to participate for any noncompliance of rules or antisocial behavior.
    Craig Hyde has the authority to not grant any refund for any money paid for coaching services, especially in the case where a child has been continuously disruptive, not followed instructions, refused to participate or not shown respect to other coaches or participants. If Craig Hyde determines that a refund request is a valid and reasonable request, he may decide to refund some money, pro-rated for number of sessions child has already participated in, minus a 10% fee.