3 vs 3 Soccer & Shooting and Finishing Clinics (HALTED FOR NOW-START-UP DATE TBA)

Most Sundays ex-pro player & professional coach Craig Hyde personally coaches the 3v3 Soccer & Skills Sessions (please read the benefits of 3v3 soccer below) for 90 minutes at 5:00 pm at Golden Hill Park (end of 25th St. and Golden Hill Drive, 92102) but times & location may vary. Ages 5 to 15 welcome.

Please call Craig at 619-660-1713 for final confirmation a day before if you didn't get an email notice.

$15 per session with advance notice ($15 for drop-ins)
$25 per session total for two siblings
$30 per session for a group of three (siblings or friends)

Your child will get lots of ball touches, individual attention and tips for a super low price!

In this part of the program, the children will be given minimal instruction. The idea is to get the children to play and be creative without too much pressure or fear of losing the ball. In other words, to replicate the “street soccer” concept that is hard to find today. Your child can come by him or herself or as a group of three to compete in informal 3v3 competitions and tournaments! Challenge teammates from your club team to form their own teams to play yours!

The benefits of 3v3 soccer are many: more touches on the ball: that means more decisions, more passes, more dribbling, more creativity, more shots on goal, more defending, faster transition from offense to defense and back to offense. In other words, more SOCCER FUN!

US Soccer & the US Youth Soccer National Director of Coaching, as well as other associations around the world, highly recommend small-sided soccer for children & youth for developing better skills. Small-sided soccer gives every player so much more time on the ball that they can not help but develop better technique. It requires the blending of individual skills with teamwork. All players on the field have to get involved so no one can ‘hide’.

High speed & intensity exercises and competitions without defensive pressure give players tons of shots in a short amount of time and at different angles and situations. Afterwards, there will be a focus on shooting games with defensive pressure (for example, Flying Changes, Santa Clara, and World Cup) that give players experience and force players to make quick decisions in front of the goal.